Investment Voyages
Propel Capital's Route to Successful Angel Partnerships

At Propel Capital, we prioritize aligning interests over mere transactions. Beyond generating returns, we pair our portfolio companies with ideal angel investors. With a curated deal flow, we offer angel investors indirect ownership in 50+ companies, enabling follow-on investments in ventures that resonate.

We invite around 35 distinguished angels to engage with our companies, fostering long-term alliances. The magic lies in the match.

Cosmic Leverage
Unlocking Stellar Potential — with Sting

Our affiliation with Sting amplifies the potential of every investment made. Propel Capital exclusively invests in Sting companies, initiating a collaborative effort post-investment to propel the company off the ground.

This synergy is what we regard as an unfair advantage, a unique leverage point that accelerates the development trajectory of our invested companies.

Navigating the Investment Universe
A Commitment to Diversity and Progress

Our investment lens at Propel Capital is largely agnostic, yet with a discerning eye towards DeepTech, Climate, and Health, always with a pronounced inclination towards diverse teams.

The future is vast and varied, and we are committed to backing ventures that not only thrive in the market but also contribute positively to the world, embodying innovation and inclusivity at their core.

DeepTech: Charting the Celestial
Climate: Harnessing Planetary Resilience
Health: Enabling Universal Flourishing
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